Smartphone access for security on the go

It’s no secret that the 21st century is the age of the smartphone. Almost all of us carry one of these sophisticated pocket computers with us wherever we go and use them for rapid access to information of all kinds. A lengthy list of technologies have developed rapidly to enable that access, and security equipment is no exception.

The modern intruder, fire alarm and commercial CCTV equipment we supply to our clients is all internet-enabled, enabling on-the-go access via your smartphone, so you no longer need be at home or in the office to access alerts and alarms as they come in. Simply tap your smartphone and receive the full picture immediately: is it a genuine disturbance or is it a false alarm?

On the train, on holiday, in a service station on the M1 – wherever you happen to be, you’ll be able to quickly assess and respond. A rapid response could make all the difference, saving your home or business from disaster.

Our service contracts include visits from qualified engineers to ensure your fire and security equipment always remains in full working order – when you need it most.

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