Wootton is a large village and civil parish located to the south-west of Bedford, in the north of Bedfordshire. Following a parish council review of the CCTV system in place at Wootton Recreational Ground a decision to upgrade the existing system was approved.

We were awarded the contract for the new system installation. Sue Playford, Wootton Parish Council Clerk, commented on the decision.

Ace Fire and Security knew where the existing cabling was and knew exactly what the parish council’s requirements were in terms of the upgrade. The parish council were impressed with the managed service available and the high level of service offered at all times.

The new system consisted of installing a Redvision fully function camera complete with IR lighting which is able to zoom into all areas of the recreation ground up to 40 metres from its position in the car park. In addition to this, seven Vista bullet style cameras complete with 50mm adjustable lens & IR lighting with a range of up to 50 metres were installed.

For local recording and control of the system a new Dedicated Micros 500GB, 8 way, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) was installed and connected to a broadband line.

This allowed connection to Bedford Borough Councils’ award winning CCTV control room via our unique Pick ‘a’ Point’ remote CCTV and business monitoring service.

The DM Net Vue software was also installed onto the Councillors’ PC’s and allows for remote reviewing of the live and recorded footage on the DVR.

When asked what advice she would give other organisations that are looking for a CCTV solution, Sue Playford commented;

Make sure that all areas are covered by fixed cameras, and that the PTZ camera is an extra. Get a recorder that can have more cameras added at a later stage, if needed.

This is excellent advice Sue has given when designing a CCTV system. Fixed cameras look specifically where you want them to and for good reason, such as an area that is particularly vulnerable or a trouble hotspot.

The addition of fully functional cameras are then fantastic for an operator when an event occurs as it enables the operator to follow any specific areas of interest real time. In reference to buying a recording device bigger than required, as this is often the most expensive individual element of the CCTV system, it makes sense to allow for future expansion if required.

Sue summarised her experience when dealing with Ace Fire and Security.

I have had many dealings with Kevin, Diane, Victor and Dave and have always received excellent service. Kevin took myself and two councillors to see the managed service centre and Dave helped me to install extra software on my laptop to enable me to remotely download footage – and arranged for a copy to be delivered to a councillor’s house. All queries are dealt with promptly – I cannot fault the service in any way.

The ability to capture evidential quality images for public spaces is very important, however the ability to real time monitor public spaces for anti-social behaviour and prevent intruder damage and provide a real sense of security is fundamental, the combination of a quality installation coupled with our unique CCTV monitoring capabilities have achieved this.

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