No one can afford to take risks when it comes to tackling a fire!

Which is why it’s crucial to choose the right fire extinguishers for your business. Make sure your extinguishers are the correct type to tackle the blaze. Please ensure you read the information below regarding extinguishers to combat any fires.

We’ve compiled the following information to help you make the right decision, of course, we’re always available if you want to discuss your situation in more detail.

We are all familiar with the basic fire suppressant method of water! But we have moved on from having a bucket of water or sand at the ready.

The well recognised red labelled extinguisher should only be used on wood, paper and textiles, and must not be used on flammable liquid or live electrical equipment.

Some red labelled extinguishers have a spray nozzle and others emit a mist of water which can snuff out the fire and protect the operator from the heat.

A dry powder-based fire extinguisher would be an important and versatile extinguisher to have within your business. These extinguishers feature the blue label.

Dry-powder can be used on organic materials (usually tackled by the red water extinguishers), flammable liquids & gases and faulty electrical equipment, although not high-voltage.

It is important to note that dry powder extinguishers should not be used in an enclosed space as we do not want the operator to inhale the powder.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers are designed for use with electrical fires caused by faulty wiring and IT equipment failures. They can also be used when flammable liquids such as petrol catch fire. CO2 extinguishers feature black labels and work by cutting off the oxygen supply that fuels the fire.

Wet chemical and foam extinguishers are also available, and will cover electrical equipment, cooking oil fires and flammable liquids. With such a wide variety of applications we will be happy to advise what you need for your premises.

We can also support you in preparing your fire risk assessment and provide you with a personalised package of support for any aspect of your fire prevention strategy.

Having the right fire strategy is vital for your business to avoid compromising your insurance cover, preventing often irreparable damage to your building and ultimately in protecting life in and around your property.

As certificated fire risk assessors we can help you every step of the way and provide peace of mind. Please call us today on freephone 0800 294 6550 to discuss your requirements.

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