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Your home is the place where you and your family should feel safest. Burglaries and break-ins can be devastating.

After the initial shock you’re faced with the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and calling the Police, cleaning up the mess, replacing damaged or stolen items – and all at your own expense until the insurance comes through. And then there’s the multitude of insurance forms to complete and phone calls to make.

Even if the intruders don’t get away with much of real value, many burglary victims report being left with a sense that their home has been violated and they are no longer really safe within its walls. This disturbing feeling can linger for years, long after the police have driven away for the last time and your cheque from the insurance company has been cashed.

Who wouldn’t want to protect their families from such a traumatic experience – or at least do their darndest to catch those responsible? Home CCTV systems are a very effective deterrent. Burglars see the cameras sternly watching over the owner’s home and realise just how easily their faces or some other incriminating detail could be caught on video. Many will decide it just isn’t worth the risk of breaking in. And if they do so anyway, then your CCTV installation will dramatically increase the chances that they will be caught in the act on video and later arrested. Could there be a better investment in your peace of mind?

Saving you money

So CCTV systems could spare you the disruption, upset and expense of a break-in, saving you both time and money and all while costing less than you think. The constant development of video technology means modern CCTV systems are more lightweight and easier to install than the cumbersome models of decades past, and as a result they have become affordable for the first time to many homeowners.

Entrance and exit points such as doors, gates and driveways will always be the primary focus for CCTV systems but current models are very adaptable and their range can be extended with additional networked cameras across your property or garden. If you are a keen cyclist or biker and store your treasured wheels in a garage or outbuilding at home, you’ll want to make sure they are protected from prying eyes and not left vulnerable to break-ins.

Remote access

The days when CCTV systems were tied to a clunky monitor in a back office are gone: our cloud-based state-of-the art technology systems allow you to view real time or recorded footage on the go via your smartphone or tablet. So feel free to log on while at work, on the train, while sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a latte – in fact wherever works for you.

Ace Fire and Security are CCTV installation experts and can integrate our CCTV equipment with complementary security systems like burglar alarms and smoke detectors, in whatever arrangement best suits your needs.

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