Access Control System Installation & Maintenance

Keypad, Card Reader or combined Audio, Video and Biometric links to doors, turnstiles and speed-lanes integrated with IT and Building Management Systems

Access control is a security system that physically manages who has access to an area or doorway. It restricts, permits and records access and movement of people and goods. In commercial buildings, door access control systems can be integrated with electrified doors, turnstiles, speed-lanes, guards and gates to keep areas secure.

In a door entry system in an access-controlled building, authorised people use physical, digital (eg mobile device) or biometric identification to make real-time unlock requests at readers. This sends information to an Access Control Unit (ACU) or Access Control Panel (Controller) which unlocks the waypoint if the request is authorised.

Selecting the right system is critical. Security is always the number one priority. Hardware must be tamper-proof. Software should be secure and encrypted. Multi-factor authentication is important to preserve uninterrupted control and provide a frictionless user experience. Server uptime, configurability, scalability and ability to integrate with other critical systems is also important.

When you use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular data in combination, the unlock signal on entry is more reliable. Smart systems can be integrated with internal and external doors, meeting rooms and integrated with occupancy management, people counting and more.

Hands-free or “contactless” access control enables authorised users to operate door handles, light switches and elevator buttons for example owing to registered proximity and without physically touching a reader or surface. It’s more convenient and promotes a healthier workspace, reducing the risk of virus transmission.


Ace is an approved integrator of multiple popular and enterprise access control systems - including Avigilon, Brivo, Dormakabu, Gallagher, Paxton, Proxy, RBH and S2 Lenel. We’ve specified, designed, installed and integrated hundreds of access control systems from standalone door access control to enterprise systems integrated with global office infrastructures.

Ace solutions are designed to comply with NCP 109 standards

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Key Card Entry Systems and Key Fob Access Control
Proximity Cards
Swipe Cards
PIN Code Reader Systems
Biometric Access Control Systems (fingerprints, palm veins, facial features and retinas)
Mobile and Contactless Access Control Systems with multi-factor authentication
Hosting solutions (Server-based, Cloud-based)
Lock-down and isolate

Ace have deep operating and technical expertise designing, installing, maintaining, integrating and upgrading access control systems for commercial buildings, schools and universities, churches, healthcare sites, sporting stadia, data centres, oil & gas facilities, transportation and warehouse facilities, airports and banks.

Key questions when selecting an access control system

  • How reliable is the system and is the user experience appropriate?
  • Does the access control system integrate with the existing security infrastructure?
  • Does the system incorporate intrusion detection (as many new systems do)
  • Can the system integrate with other workplace automation functions (contactless elevator etc)?
  • How user-friendly is the system?
  • What level of security is achieved? Is it scalable?
  • How many doors and waypoints are required to be covered?
  • Does access control need integrating with building occupant safety and wellness measures?



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