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Safety and wellbeing at work has never been more important. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for workspaces to offer a more frictionless experience that is secure, safe and trackable. From contactless technologies to smarter access control and occupancy management, our safety and wellbeing solutions can enhance the workplace experience for your people.

Health screening 

Fever scanning and thermal imaging cameras screen staff and visitors as they enter the building, helping to stop the spread of flus and viruses.

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Contactless office 

Entrances, exits, doorways, meeting rooms, elevators, stock and IT rooms, restaurants, gyms…the possibilities are endless. Approved personnel can now access any part of a building or its facilities without ever having to touch a button or screen again.


Smart access control

Smart access control enables organisations to track people throughout a space, Zones or the whole site. It supports permissions and rights of movement through individual doors and waypoints. It can assist with a fire roll call in the event of a fire alarm actuation. These systems can also be integrated to record time, attendance, movement, identify a person, count people in / out and much more. Smart systems link to occupancy monitoring and prevent too many people occupying a Zone at the same time. They can be linked to heating and lighting to optimise running.


Biometric identification

Being able to accurately identify each employee and visitor is the key to effective security, flexible access control and tracking for contact tracing purposes. Biometric identification enhances access and environmental control, occupancy information, and tracking.

Occupancy management

Intelligent sensors detect people from any other kind of movement. They can count, calculate, identify or anonymise accordingly. Such systems are being used by UK Border Control, sports stadia, the police and corporate building owners focused on security, safety and wellbeing. 

Occupancy analytics

Occupancy analytics enables building managers to collect data that measures real-time movements of people within a building. 

Occupancy analytics has three benefits on fit-out and refurbishment design solutions:

  • More intelligent space management and planning
  • Enhanced occupant safety and wellbeing
  • Securing operating efficiencies


Occupancy Analytics Infographic


Real-time communications

Public Address Systems, Emergency Voice Assist and Call Assist technologies improve communication throughout the building, enhance occupant safety in the case of an emergency.

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Workplace apps offer an emergency communication platform
  • Push notifications can get messages to occupants, keyholders and stakeholders
  • Occupant capacity thresholds can be communicated for rooms, corridors and restaurants in real time to help people plan journeys
  • Waypoints and one-system movement through a building or facility is possible
  • Prevent tailgating and reinforce social distancing through dashboards and alerts
  • UVC technology can be combined with luminaries retrofitted to ceiling lights to optimise and purify air. Air scrubbers can remove particles and microbes – with systems linked to the luminary and electric programme.

Air quality monitoring

UVC technology can be combined with luminaries retrofitted to ceiling lights to optimise and purify air. Air scrubbers can remove particles and microbes – with systems linked to the luminary and electric programme.

Common application areas

Main entrance – measure traffic in and out and align access control, visitor management, identification, health screening and security

Office space – understand and optimise actual occupancy and usage of rooms, zones, waypoints and whole buildings

On-site facilities – real-time occupancy data delivered to space users to help plan schedules and avoid queues.

Meeting rooms – monitor rooms and breakout zones to ensure you have enough and they are the right size to meet occupant needs

Office environment – manage your carbon footprint, reduce energy costs by combining real-time occupancy with heating and A/C control

WCs – manage and monitor usage to inform cleaning schedules and infection control


Ministry of Sound

A safety & wellbeing case study

  • Enhanced occupant safety
  • Multi-zone operating needs
  • Integrated systems solution
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How to enhance occupant safety, security & wellbeing

  • Three specification models
  • Building operation design influences
  • How to improve occupant wellness outcomes


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