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Fire safety and security solutions for tenants and landlords

Social housing and multi-tenant properties present large-scale fire and security challenges. Most deaths from fire occur in dwellings and those living in blocks of flats and social housing can be amongst the most vulnerable. 

To protect residents from the risk of fire, housing associations and landlords must meet strict regulations, including the updated Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the BS269 code of practice. Increasingly stringent regulations around security must also be met to protect residents from the risk of crime. 

At Ace, we understand that the safety of your residents is your number one priority, with upgrades to fire evacuation systems, CCTV upgrades, incident detection, and smart access control all high on the agenda.

Understanding your needs and key challenges

Undertaking remediation programmes to meet the updated Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Ensuring Fire Risk Assessments are comprehensive and robust

Ensuring compliance with the BS8629 code of practice regarding evacuation alert systems

Testing and upgrading legacy fire and security systems

Sealing off and preventing unauthorised access to storage within riser cupboards and plant rooms

Installing smart smoke, heat and fire detection and reporting systems

Updating emergency voice systems and public address capabilities

Enhancing the effectiveness of passive fire controls

Improving capacity and coverage of day and night CCTV, surveillance, incident monitoring and video management

Adding smart, contactless access control for the safe entry of doors and carparks

Integrating visitor management systems, people counting and facial recognition for added security

Incorporating assisted living aides (contactless door opening, lift recall etc.)

Keeping over 350,000 social housing residents safe

Ace is an approved supplier for local authorities and organisations including BHPA, Catalyst Housing, Clarion, Grand Union Housing and more. Collectively, this group manages over 250,000 properties across the UK, serving over 350,000 residents. 

We design, specify, commission, install and monitor critical safety and regulatory compliance solutions for fire protection and security systems. We are product-agnostic, so we can choose products and systems that best meet your needs and budget, providing you with a fully tailored solution.

Get help with:

Monitoring & Maintenance - Intruder Alarm Monitoring | Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection Monitoring | CCTV Monitoring | Fault, Fix Reports & Risk Indicators | False Alarm Reporting and more

Occupant Safety & Wellness - Occupancy Management | Contactless Doors & Elevators | Assisted Living Systems | UV Air Purification | Body Temperature Screening and more

Security Systems - Intruder Alarms | Access Control (audio, video, biometric) | CCTV | Intercoms | Panic Alarm / Call Assist | Gates & Barriers | Visitor Identity Management | Number Plate Recognition | Facial Recognition and Identification | Keyholding | Manned Security and more

Fire Protection and Suppression - Fire Detection and Alarm Systems | Aspirating Systems | Fire Extinguishers | Emergency Lighting | Room Integrity Testing | Sprinkler Systems | Passive Fire Protection and Suppression Systems | Kitchen Fire Suppression | Emergency Voice Communication and more

Fire Risk Assessments and Training - to BAFE SP203-1, BAFE SP101, NSI FSQ 121, BS5839, BS5306, in accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Responding to RRO & the Fire Safety Act 2021

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RRO & the Fire Safety Act 2021

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