Bedford Borough Council

Installing and maintaining CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, access control systems and fire alarms to protect the local community

For over 20 years, Ace has been a trusted security partner for Bedford Borough Council (BBC), installing and maintaining 700+ CCTV cameras throughout the town and local parishes. For the last five years, we have also held the fire and security maintenance contract for buildings owned by the council, including schools, libraries, Borough Hall and the iconic 150 year old Corn Exchange.

Key Issues

Bedford Borough Council is responsible for protecting the local community and public buildings. The council requires a security partner who can install and maintain CCTV cameras throughout the town to help reduce crime, nuisance and anti-social behaviour. The BBC also required a partner they could rely on to protect their schools, libraries and other public buildings, along with their occupants, from the risk of fire, theft and vandalism.


CCTV Cameras

Ace approach

Ace’s team of technicians maintain the town’s 700+ CCTV cameras on a weekly basis to ensure they are fit for purpose. Cameras are cleaned, re-focused, updated and replaced as needed. Some of the cameras run on a fibre-optic network and others on a wireless network. When faults arise, our technicians correct them right away. The council works with Bedfordshire Police and at times we are often required to install new CCTV cameras to assist them in monitoring areas where theft or anti-social behaviour have been reported. In 2020, we added an additional 20 cameras. One recent project involved installing new CCTV columns and cameras at the Norse Road Crematorium and Cemetery after reports of theft. All cameras run on one main system so they can be monitored from a central control room in the town.

As part of the fire and security maintenance contract, Ace goes into schools, libraries and other council-owned buildings within the community as requested by the council. We visit the building to complete a site survey before designing maintenance solutions tailored to the specific needs of the site. Depending on the site, we may cover the maintenance of intruder alarms, access control systems, fire alarms and emergency lighting.

The client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager who acts as the go-to person for any needs that arise. Each month, the Account manager and representatives from the council meet to ensure the contracts are running smoothly and discuss any issues that arise.



The client benefits from a reliable and efficient CCTV system that helps to reduce theft, nuisance and anti-social behaviour within Bedford and the surrounding parishes. The CCTV also allows the local police to assist in securing arrests and prosecutions to keep the town safe. The client also has peace of mind that its public buildings within the community are secure and its occupants are safe.


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