The Ministry of Sound (MoS)

Managing the design, installation and maintenance of fire and security systems in a new multipurpose building

Transforming over 50,000sqft across a four-storey Victorian printworks, into a new industry hub for artists and creative thinkers. The client, Ministry of Sound, required specialist security, safety and fire protection advice. Oktra, the appointed Fit-Out company, required a partner to provide answers, associated project management and execution to time and budget without compromising quality.

Key Issues

The building encompassed a variety of different areas; a modular event space, cinema, concert venue, and public and private bar areas, as well as a business centre, private offices and a co-working space. This presented specific safety and security challenges, including ensuring the safe movement of people, controlling access to the different areas and ensuring fire safety throughout the building.


The client required fit-for-purpose systems that could be connected in a roll-out strategy. In addition, installation, testing, commissioning and handover of fire and security systems had to be completed within six weeks.




Sqft +

Ace approach

We reviewed the plans for the different areas of the building and discussed requires access, building and occupant safety and security provisions. This included a two-stage presentation process to highlight access pathways and security options in keeping with the project vision and design requirements.

It was important to ensure easy access to the building’s multiple uses, whilst maintaining robust security and safety measures. We incorporated years of experience to overcome application and space usage challenges to accommodate the customer’s and Oktra’s clever design and build techniques and protect structural features.

We provided a dedicated Project Manager who remained onsite for six weeks to supervise the Cat B installation and on-the-spot technical advice and consulting capability.

We designed, specified, supplied and installed a Lenel S2 Access Control System with multiple card readers with lift integration. Over 60 HIK Vision IP CCTV cameras were installed throughout the site. A smart Texecom Richochet Wireless Intruder Alarm System was installed to ensure 24/7 protection of assets, plant and equipment even though much of the facility can be accessed 24/7. A comprehensive GENT Fire Protection System ensures appropriate protection of the building, assets and people.



Protection of the building, assets, facilities and people is assured in accordance with best practice and insurance requirements. The site benefits from:

Smart and integrated Access Control

Intrusion Detection

Digital Video

Visitor Management

Integrated Alarm Management

Identity Management

Smart Card and Biometrics

Enterprise Architecture

Multi-tenant Property Management

Wireless Access & ID Systems

Fire Alarm Integration

APIs and Integration Tools, Building

Intercom Systems



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