Design, installation and on-going support of an integrated security solution in a 30,000 sq ft workspace in a Grade II Listed Victorian building

Working together

Transforming a 30,000 sq ft Grade II Listed building in London’s Kings Cross into a modern workspace for financial firm NewDay. We worked with Oktra and JAC Group on this CAT-B fit-out project to install integrated access control and CCTV in a design that complemented the open feel of the impressive building.

Key Issues

As a credit card fulfilment company, NewDay handle a lot of very sensitive data and needed a robust security solution to meet compliance requirements. The main challenge was building this into the fabric of the existing 150-year-old building in a way that didn’t jar with the original aesthetics. The client wanted to create an impressive entrance area that showcased the full size and character of the space. Security solutions were required at the main front entrance, the rear staff entrance and for the IT rooms.




sq. ft.

Ace approach

We were involved early on in the process, attending several design meetings with Oktra and the client to understand how they wanted to use security within the building. This meant we were able to work closely with the construction team to ensure cabling was put in at the right time and help them hit their delivery milestones.

In the main entrance area, we installed speed lanes with waist-height glass walls to allow for maximum security whilst keeping the open feel the client wanted for the space. We took on the

base build Paxton access control systems and extended and enhanced it. The system included a biometric scanning entry system to speed up operations, with ievo biometric chosen to work in conjunction with the access control and the lanes.

IP High Definition CCTV was integrated with the access control system for added security. Video analytics were put in place so if any movement is detected across the low level walls it signals a discreet alarm back to reception for further investigation.

At the rear of the building, the main staff entrance, we also added access control supported by CCTV.

Additional security was added to the IT rooms to allow access only for specific personnel. Locking mechanisms for the doors were carefully selected to allow for doors with high levels of acoustic treatment to be installed.



Full protection of the building, assets, facilities and people in accordance with best practice, regulatory compliance, while maintaining the aesthetics of the building.

The site benefits from integrated access control, CCTV and video analytics for maximum security. All work was completed on time and within budget. We also delivered training on the access control system so they can make changes to the system in the future.


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