Historic Buildings

Historic buildings and their contents form a significant and irreplaceable collection of architecture, art, libraries, archives and heritage to be enjoyed, preserved and protected for future generations.

Fire is the single greatest threat to the fabric of any building and its contents. Whilst many historic and religious buildings are exempt from building controls, commercial and public buildings are covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and the Fire Safety Act 2021. Heritage sites also have complex multi-usage requirements with protection of kitchens, electrical plant rooms, restaurants, archive and storage vaults, exhibition rooms and rooms with high and ornate ceilings posing unique challenges.

Ace are sensitive to the unique challenges of fire safety and security in historic buildings.

Wireless technology (sensitive aesthetics)

Escape routes and emergency lighting

Communication redundancy (always on)

Fire extinguishing and water mist sprinklers to reduce damage

ASD (Aspirating Smoke Detection) early fire detection is virtually invisible

Access control including contactless and out of hours access

Linear smoke detector for high ceiling rooms

Visitor, queue and social distancing monitoring and people counting

Room integrity and gas suppression systems to protect storage vaults and electrical plant rooms

Restaurant and kitchen fire suppression

Attendance reporting and tracking

Fire alarm and smoke control systems (general, staff and staged alarms)

CCTV cameras, surveillance, identification and analytics

Visitor emergency and evacuation communication systems

Emergency lockdown to secure buildings / zones

Fire doors and integrated active and passive fire protection

Lone worker solutions

24/7/365 remote monitoring

Our experience

Keeping stately homes, religious institutions, and national treasures safe and secure

Ace is an approved supplier to Local Authorities, English Heritage, Historic England and helps keep over 150 churches and ecclesiastical buildings, museums and civic centres serving over 1,000,000 annual visitors safe and secure.

We design, specify, commission, install, monitor and maintain crucial safety and regulatory compliance solutions for fire protection and security systems. We are product-agnostic, so we choose appropriate products and technology that best meet your needs, budget and risk.

Get help with:

  • Fire Protection – fire detection, alarm, smoke control and evacuation, extinguishing, fire safety management, fire risk, fire risk assessment, passive fire protection including – managing the fire load, compartmentalisation, fire doors, controlling oxygen levels, fire-resistant materials to limit the spread of fire and smoke and protect building integrity, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, evacuation plans and training
  • Security Systems – intruder alarms, access control, CCTV, door intercoms, panic alarm / call assist, gates and barriers, visitor identity management, number plate recognition, facial recognition and identification and keyholding
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance – intruder alarm monitoring, smoke, heat and fire detection and fire alarm monitoring, CCTV monitoring, fault diagnostics and false alarm monitoring
  • Occupant safety and wellbeing – occupancy and visitor management, people counting, social distancing, fever scanning, queuing control, contactless doors, UV air purification and more

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Specialist fire and security professionals who understand the unique sensitivity and demands of heritage sites

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ISO 9001, NSI Gold, BAFE Gold, BS 7858, ICO CCTV, NCP 104 (CCTV)

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