Barriers and Gates

Single traffic barriers or automated gates with integrated CCTV and intercom technology can be used to protect entrances, exits and perimeters

Ace provides a comprehensive barrier and gates security solution service for customers looking to maintain perimeter or gate entry to a site, entrance, carpark, commercial building, high security facility, school or data centre.

Barriers and gates can be automated and integrated with the latest CCTV and communication technology and your BMS.

All barrier, gate and perimeter solutions are designed and installed to be low maintenance while optimising security and managing access and movement of people, goods and vehicles.

Ace works with over 50 specialised security manufacturing partners and can tailor layered technology and equipment to individual site needs and budget ensuring full compliance with all health and safety legislation, and integrating barriers and gates with fire and security system operation, on-site and remote security. Barriers and gates can also be connected to a 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre.

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Security barriers
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Custom barrier design and installation
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Integration with 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre

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