Supported & monitored business security solutions

We have been installing, supporting and maintaining intruder alarm systems for businesses and other organisations for over twenty years in the UK.

In that time, we have designed business intruder alarm systems across almost every industry sector; from licensed premises to corporate headquarters to retail, warehouses, galleries, churches and more. Each had unique requirements. That is why we always want to meet with clients so we fully understand their businesses’ security requirements, their premises and how they are used.

We will complete a free security survey of your premises to assess any existing systems, your specific requirements, exposure to risk and compliance with current legislation and best practice.

Commercial alarm maintenance contracts

It’s no secret that fire and business intruder alarms can provide valuable protection – but it is equally clear that in order to provide that protection they must be kept in full working order.

The choice is yours

Here at Ace Fire and Security we can provide you with a full selection of commercial alarm maintenance contracts for intruder and fire detection equipment. These are designed to suit different needs and priorities, from straightforward on demand call-outs to 24-hour, seven-day-a-week business monitoring of your security systems, with engineers on call and ready to attend your premises and fix any issues as soon as they are detected, at any time of the day or night. All our pricing is transparent so you will never be faced with unexpected bills.

We supply robust and modern security hardware, with years of fault-free functioning expected following installation, but many of our clients maintain older systems alongside their new purchases. But don’t worry if that’s you: our burglar and fire alarm maintenance contracts can provide full coverage for these older systems too. Consolidating your maintenance contracts in this way can prove quite cost-effective.

We provide new and prospective clients with full details of all our maintenance contract options, so they can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget

Burglar alarm servicing & fire alarm maintenance

Burglar and commercial fire alarms have a well-established role to play in business security. Perhaps the most traditional of all security equipment, they are nevertheless indispensable components, and so it is essential to ensure that they are kept in full working order.

Protecting your hard work

You can expect a long life from the brand new alarm systems supplied by Ace Fire & Security, but older equipment may require active maintenance. We have been supplying, maintaining and repairing security equipment for nearly 30 years so we feel confident in proclaiming our expertise in all burglar alarm servicing and fire alarm maintenance.

We offer our clients a full range of maintenance and repair options to suit all priorities and budgets, from daytime visits by our engineers to a full 24/7 remote monitoring by our specially trained staff.

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