Airborne fluid droplets are the main vector in the transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and, indeed, many other diseases such as influenza. The second main vectors are surfaces that are our touchpoints with physical structures where bugs and viruses can reside for several days.

Our workplaces are full of such touch points and some of them experience huge volumes of touch. Our concept of The Contactless Office is simply to eliminate or mitigate as many of these as possible and thus to dramatically reduce the potential spread of disease amongst our staff.

Below is a graphic depiction of a typical office with clear touchpoints – how many can you see? There are at least 10!

Office touchpoints

Now think about your own building and count how many touchpoints you have.

We took a virtual tour of a typical large office and made a list. Download our Free Return to Work Audit Checklist. This will help you with this process.

Ace Fire & Security will work with you to develop such a target list which would then form an action plan to create your own Contactless Office.

This could then be published to your staff which would give them the confidence that you, as their employer, are taking their safety very seriously.

Clients visiting your workplace would also be impressed with your commitment to their wellbeing too.

This would also create a strong awareness amongst your staff of touchpoints that could increase their risk.

There are some other actions that we can take to assist at this time such as installing human temperature sensing cameras to pinpoint any people entering your workplace who may be exhibiting a mild fever. With our operational guidance this can provide a further layer of staff re-assurance.

At Ace Fire & Security we also have the knowledge and experience to provide you with occupancy control by reliably counting people in and out of your building or demise, since this will probably be a future requirement.

We can, similarly assist you with directional people flow control through your building, often using existing access control systems and infrastructure.

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