Burglar alarm installations for peace of mind at home

Burglary is one of the most frightening threats to home life. We feel safest and at our most relaxed when at home, and we usually store our most treasured possessions within those welcoming walls. If a burglar breaks in, we may lose not only money and possessions but our sense of security and safety too. Most possessions can be replaced but regaining your peace of mind may take years.

Let the latest security technology come to your rescue. Here at Ace Fire and Security, we have been conducting our burglar alarm installations for almost 30 years and we can help you choose between the many systems now available, finding just the right system for you and home, whether you live in semi-detached suburban terrace or a country mansion.

A deterrent to crime

Burglar alarm systems have two key purposes: to alert the homeowner and/or police to a crime in progress and to act as a deterrent to burglary in the first place. Surveys show that homes with visible burglar alarms are statistically less likely to be targeted. Burglars are well aware that their chances of being caught increase significantly if a property is protected by alarms and other home security systems.

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Call us on freephone 0800 294 6550 and discuss your needs with our team of experts. One decision you will need to make is whether you’d prefer a bell alarm that will make a loud noise when triggered, a dialler alarm that will quietly contact you or the police – or some combination of the two. Choosing between wired or wireless alarms is another aspect we can help you with.

A free, no obligation survey of your home could help spotlight the right system. Upgrades and expansions are always possible as your needs change.

We offer different monitoring and response packages: from a straightforward text message alert if and when your alarm is triggered, all the way up to full 24-hour coverage, with a dedicated specialist ready to act on your behalf at any hour of the day or night.

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  • ACE Fire & ecurity
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  • Smartphone Control
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  • Police Response
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  • Dual Path Communication
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