Ace: your end-to-end fire and security specialist

Ace Fire and Security is your end-to-end specialist for all your fire and security needs. We offer 28 interconnected services that cover everything from biometric identification to fire extinguisher maintenance. We’ve got your back. Are you open to talking about inter-linking critical services around more efficient operations?

Our mission is to provide all customers with right-sized, consolidated fire and security protection that enhances safety, lowers risk, and demonstrates compliance. Interlinking up to 28 services is our way of providing you with cost and operating efficiencies, while protecting your buildings and everyone in them.  

Ace Fire and Security’s areas of expertise include:

Here are some of the benefits of inter-linking more critical fire and security services through one trusted specialist;

Cost-effective solutions

Your building has a fire alarm, a CCTV system, an intruder alarm, and probably other related systems like access control. If Ace supplies your building with all of these services, you have a single specialist who can help with all your needs. Not only will this be more cost-effective than having multiple suppliers, but it is also far more convenient—there is only one person to call for anything you need. When was the last time you visited our website to keep up to date?

Improved security

Security is central to every business. Having multiple contracts with multiple companies means more people on your site with sensitive information about your business. One contract with Ace reduces this risk. Pre-employment, we carry out high level security checks, not just on our engineers but also on our office staff. For every one of our employees, we check for criminal records, verify their employment history, and request references for the past ten years. This is part of the information we have to provide for our NSI Gold accreditations.

Tailored, site-specific solutions

Ace offers a wide range of tailored fire safety, CCTV, intruder alarm, and access control solutions. We have no preference about what specific technology you use. We maintain relationships with over 50 manufactures and design and integrate the right combination of technology to suit the needs of your business. You tell us about your building, level of risk, and operation, and we design what’s best for you.

Remote monitoring solutions

Traditionally, any issue with a security system would have to be addressed by an engineer physically attending your business; however, 74% of our customers take advantage of our very sophisticated remote monitoring, maintenance and diagnostic support. As a result, our engineers can access their systems remotely, securely and conduct a whole series of tests, and diagnose and resolve any minor problem before it becomes a big one.

These days, our 24/7/365 remote monitoring service is used to monitor alarms, object and tracking surveillance, day / night / movement detection, CCTV monitoring, gates and barrier monitoring, incident management play-back, facial recognition and identification and lone worker solutions …..which can reduce insurance, false alarm and call-outs.

Efficient customer service

Ace has a 97% customer renewal rate, and we have worked hard to reach this number. You will have two main points of contact—a dedicated Lead Administrator and a Lead Technician. This means, where possible, you are always communicating with the same people and will build a close relationship with them. They will get to know how your business and your building(s) work. In addition, regular reviews will ensure you maintain the right balance and level of technology to demonstrate optimal safety and compliance.

Ace is your one-stop-shop

It’s common for businesses to have up to ten individual maintenance contracts covering fire and security provision. But the more contracts you have, the more points of communication and complications there are. Ace’s suite of 28 fire and security products and services can provide complete cover for your building(s) and infrastructure, making sure it, and the people in it, are as safe as can be.

Footwear company Skechers UK required a fire and security partner to protect their UK premises. For ten years, Ace has designed, installed and provided ongoing maintenance and monitoring of fire and security systems across their warehouse and distribution infrastructure. As a result of the service provided Ace were invited to provide fire and security solutions for their new UK head office Hertfordshire. Today, we've added consolidated fire and security services across all UK retail sites.  

“Ace is our preferred end-to-end partner for all inter-related fire and security needs – from intruder and fire alarms, access control, CCTV and surveillance, emergency lighting through to fire extinguishers”.


We’re happy that you have already decided to partner with us. But the relationship between people, buildings and infrastructure is multi-faceted, technology is evolving, legislation and regulation changes are constant – in all likelihood, there is probably more we can be doing to protect your people, building and operations.  

Most of our customers are unaware of the benefits of Ace Fire and Security supplying all their fire and security needs. Luckily, our team is on hand to answer all your questions and help you with the process of protecting your world and assuring your compliance.

Please browse the website and use contact us, chat or telephone to get in touch. You can also opt-in to receive news, insights, regulatory changes and more on topics of interest – here. Alternatively, email to talk about a specific site, upgrade, enhancement or bundling of services, saving you time and money.

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Darren Gibbons
Written by Darren Gibbons

Darren is a security systems, life safety and fire protection specialist and Managing Director of Ace Fire & Security.