5 considerations to find a security provider for your fit-out project

Choosing a security provider for your fit-out project is a big decision. Your reputation depends on making the right choice, as any issues could result in project delays and an unhappy client.

So, how do you select the right security partner for your project? 

Here are five things you should consider when reviewing potential partners.

1. Can they help me plan the right solution?

There is no-one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to security. Every building needs a tailored solution to ensure it is secure and safe for occupants. Even within the same sector, different security solutions will be required. Every office, retail space, or hospitality venue, for example, will have its own specific needs depending on the size of the space and the budget. 

Not only do you need a security provider who is reliable and delivers all that is needed, but you also need someone who can advise, consult and recommend the right path to take.

Getting your security provider involved early on in the project allows for security solutions to be seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic of the space. They can advise on the most appropriate solutions for high-risk areas, whether CCTV or access control.

2. Can they help with my bid?

For some projects, you may find you could benefit from getting your security partner involved at the bid stage. They can provide consultancy support or back you up with product details and documentation that might help win you the job. 

If you have a client with very little idea of what they need from a security perspective, bringing in the right security partner to join initial discussions will demonstrate to them that you have an experienced partner on board who can design the right solution for their needs. 

Equally, for clients who already have a very clear idea of the solution they want, having your security partner on board at the very start will give them the reassurance that you have the right people on hand to meet their requirements. 

There may, for instance, be a specific access control system your client wants to use. Perhaps they want it to sync with the system they have in place at their other premises to allow for staff to move easily between sites. Showing you have a security partner on board who is knowledgeable about the product and has experience installing it could provide a real boost to your bid.

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3. How flexible are they when it comes to brands and types of systems?

Many security providers are tied to vendor agreements or have expertise with only one range of products. The trouble is, the products they use won’t always be the best solution for the job.

It’s therefore important to find a partner who understands the product landscape and who can put together a solution that uses the best possible products, no matter who the manufacturer is or where they are sourced from.

4. How sensitive will they be to the aesthetics of the project?

You pride yourself on creating stunning spaces for your clients. The last thing you need is to bring a security partner on board who doesn’t appreciate the aesthetics. Unsightly cables or poor locking solutions, for example, can significantly compromise a sleek design.

It’s crucial to find a security partner who appreciates the design and aesthetics of the space, from the biggest elements right down to the small details, and who will find solutions that won’t compromise the look and feel of what you’re trying to create.

5. Are they a good fit for my business?

Finally, it’s essential that you and your security partner can work together effectively. It’s a good idea to look for a provider who has the same values as you in terms of work ethic and commitment to quality. You will be liaising with them throughout the project, so make sure it’s someone you can see yourself having a positive working relationship with.


Whether you’re fitting out an office, a design studio, retail store or any other building, choosing the right security partner means you can focus on creating an amazing space for your client, whilst having the peace of mind that the security aspects are taken care of. At the end of the day, your client will have a space that works for their business and their people, and the peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

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Dan Bradding
Written by Dan Bradding

Dan is a systems integration specialist and Director at Ace Fire and Security.