Maintaining and monitoring fire and security systems in 200 municipal leisure centres across the UK


Sports and Leisure Management company (SLM) operates 200 leisure centres across the UK. Ace has been providing fire and security services for SLM for 10 years, providing maintenance and monitoring of all systems across their sites.

Key Issues

In many of the sites, we take over existing fire and security systems. We must ensure these are fit-for-purpose and provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring of all systems we take over.

200 sites

60 Local Authorities

Ace approach

Our engineers will visit the sites every 6 months to service the systems and carry out any works or upgrades as required to enhance safety and security. On each visit, we complete a service, to NSI fire and security requirements, and issue a full service report of our findings. Any faults or defects are advised in writing to the customer.

Security services cover intruder alarms with 24-hour monitoring, CCTV with remote mobile access, intruder alarms, disabled refuge systems and panic alarms in the swimming pools and unmanned gym areas.

Fire safety services include fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and fire risk assessments.



SLM benefits from a partner who manages all fire and security systems across their gyms. This means SLM can focus on other aspects of the business, as they have full confidence that their sites are maintained to the highest level, they are secure and their customers and staff are safe.


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