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Installing and maintaining CCTV, access control and burglar alarms at one of Europe’s largest pet rehoming centres


Animal charity Wood Green runs one of the largest pet rehoming centres in Europe, set on 52 acres of countryside in Godmanchester. Ace has a long-standing relationship with Wood Green, having first installed a CCTV system on the site 12 years ago. Ace continues to act as a security partner for the client, installing, servicing and upgrading as needed CCTV cameras, access control and burglar alarms.

Key Issues

The site has complex security needs, with many cats, dogs and other small pets on-site, as well as a shop, restaurant, and the charity’s head offices. There are a lot of people coming and going and many areas with restricted access to staff only, including the office, catteries and kennels. Keeping all animals, staff and visitors safe is the client’s top priority.

Ace approach

We originally installed 30 CCTV cameras on-site to provide round the clock monitoring of the perimeter, including entrances and exits, as well as the catteries and kennels. The cameras are serviced every 6 months and since the install 12 years ago, we have replaced and upgraded a number of cameras using the latest technologies to ensure the system is fit for purpose. As part of the upgrade work, we have replaced many of the aging cables with seamless wireless transmission to reduce the incidence of rodent damage to the long run of underground cables across the site.

We have worked with the client to upgrade their burglar alarms and to add access control to a number of areas throughout the site, including the main office, CCTV control room, restaurant, catteries and kennels. We have also installed CCTV cameras and access control at Wood Green’s other sites in London and Heydon. All systems are serviced every 6 months and upgrades carried out as needed for enhanced security.



Wood Green benefits from a CCTV system that can be monitored round the clock from their control room on-site, giving them peace of mind that all areas of the premises are secure. The site also benefits from burglar alarms for added protection against the risk of theft as well as access control to help manage the movement of people in restricted areas throughout the site. Wood Green has a security partner they can rely on, giving them the confidence that all areas of the site are secure and all animals, staff and visitors are safe. 


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